Can I eat this? . . . Meal Planning and Tips

Managing diabetes is a challenge that requires finding the right balance among food, physical activity, and medicine, if needed. Healthful food is key to managing diabetes. Only you can decide what to eat and using a meal plan as a guide can make it easier. Discover more about meal planning options and how MyFoodAdvisor can help.

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Want to find leaner meats for your favorite recipes? Want to search for fruits with the highest amount of dietary fiber? Or just want to learn about the foods you eat everyday and how it all fits together into a meal plan. Look no further than Exploring Foods to have fun learning about food.


Search our recipes and save your favorite recipes in your recipe box. Recipes can be searched by main ingredient, type or nutrition criteria that you set. Use your recipe box to save your favorite meals or recipes from "Create a Dish" for quick access.

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Keep yourself on track! Make sure all the foods you eat will fit your meal plan perfectly.