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Caribbean Black Bean Dip

Número de Porciones: 8

Tamaño de la porción: 3 1/2 Tbsp

Canned beans can be tasty and time-saving but go with the organic canned varieties for the freshest flavors. In this sublime dip, the combination of beans and avocado creates a velvety texture. You'll want to dive right into this downright delicious dip.

Nombre: Cantidad:
(15 1/2-oz) can organic black beans, drained 1
Hass avocado, peeled and sliced 0.50
lemon juice 3 Tbsp
roughly chopped cilantro 2 Tbsp
ground cayenne red pepper 0.25 tsp
ground cumin 0.25 tsp
sea salt, or to taste 0.25 tsp
thinly sliced green onion 3 Tbsp

Puree all ingredients except the green onion in a blender until smooth.


Top with green onion and serve in a bowl with tortilla chips.


For best results, refrigerate this delectable dip at least 30 minutes prior to serving. You might find it better the next day!

Información nutricional (por porción)
Calorías 60
Calorías de grasa 15
Grasa total 2g
Grasa saturada n/a
Colesterol 0mg
Sodio 125mg
Potasio n/a
Carbohidratos 9g
Fibra dietética 3g
Azúcares n/a
Proteína 3g
Vitamina A n/a
Vitamina C n/a
Calcio n/a
Hierro n/a
Ácido fólico n/a
Intercambio alimenticio 1/2 Carbohydrate 1/2 Fat Total