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Crostini with Kalamata Tomatoes

Número de Porciones: 4

Tamaño de la porción: 3 slices crostini

Fun and delicious appetizer that tastes great.

Nombre: Cantidad:
baguette bread, cut in 12 slices (about 1/4-in thick) 4 oz
tomato, finely chopped 1 small
kalamata olives, pitted and finely chopped 9 small
chopped fresh basil 2 Tbsp

Preheatoven to 350°F.


Arrange the bread slices on a baking sheet and bake 10 minutes or until just golden on the edges. Remove from the heat and cool completely.


Meanwhile, stir the remaining ingredients together in a small bowl. Spread 1Tbsp of the mixture on each bread slice. For a thicker topping, drain the tomato mixture before spreading it on the bread.

Información nutricional (por porción)
Calorías 90
Calorías de grasa 15
Grasa total 2g
Grasa saturada 0g
Colesterol 0mg
Sodio 236mg
Potasio n/a
Carbohidratos 16g
Fibra dietética 1g
Azúcares 1g
Proteína 3g
Vitamina A n/a
Vitamina C n/a
Calcio n/a
Hierro n/a
Ácido fólico n/a
Intercambio alimenticio 1 Starch