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Mediterranean Spinach Bake

Número de Porciones: 6

Tamaño de la porción: 1/6 of bake

This vegetarian dish makes a tasty luncheon or dinner entree. The number of bread slices needed will depend on their size.

Nombre: Cantidad:
multi-grain or whole-wheat bread 3.50 slices
olive oil 1.50 Tbsp
chopped onion 0.50 cup
frozen loose-leaf spinach 2 cups
dried dill weed 1.50 tsp
Scant tsp salt (optional) 0.25
black pepper 0.13 tsp
crumbled low-fat feta cheese 0.50 cup
fat-free ricotta cheese 1 cup
shredded fat-free mozzarella cheese 0.50 cup
liquid egg substitute 1 cup

Spray a 9-in square baking pan with nonstick spray. Arrange 1 layer of bread slices in the bottom of the pan, cutting to fit, if necessary. Set aside. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.


In a nonstick skillet over medium heat, combine the oil and onion. Cook the onion, stirring frequently, until it is soft but not browned. Stir in the spinach. Cover, reduce the heat, and cook gently for 4 to 5 minutes, stirring occasionally and breaking up any large lumps of spinach if necessary.


Meanwhile, in a medium-sized bowl, stir together the seasonings, cheeses, and egg substitute.


Remove the pan from the burner. Stir the spinach mixture into the cheese mixture. Cover the bread slices with the mixture, spreading evenly with the back of a large spoon.


Bake for about 30 to 35 minutes or until the filling is cooked through.

Información nutricional (por porción)
Calorías 207
Calorías de grasa 63
Grasa total 7g
Grasa saturada 2g
Colesterol 12mg
Sodio 466mg
Potasio n/a
Carbohidratos 18g
Fibra dietética 4g
Azúcares 4g
Proteína 18g
Vitamina A n/a
Vitamina C n/a
Calcio n/a
Hierro n/a
Ácido fólico n/a
Intercambio alimenticio 1/2 Starch 1 Vegetable 1/2 Skim Milk 1 High-Fat Meat